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2024 is coming very soon. We are already making extensive plans and setting new goals for ourselves. But first, we would like to remember all the best that the past year gave us.

* Despite the rise in prices for raw materials and increased logistics costs, we were able to maintain prices for IFO products and offer our customers the most competitive processing cost.
* We have established new logistics chains to reduce the delivery time of reagents to even very remote regions.
* IFOTOP company continues to work on several compositions of antioxidants and antiozonants for rubber, entirely produced from domestic raw materials.
* We have launched new reagents for cleaning reverse osmosis systems and oilfield scale inhibitor, that have already proven their effectiveness in pilot tests.
* Our leading researchers took part in the international conferences “Oilfield Chemistry 2023” and “Corrosion and New Materials in the Oil and Gas Industry”, where they made presentations on the topic of active bases for corrosion inhibitors.
*We continue to grow. Just recently, a new IFO research laboratory opened in Moscow. It will specialize in oilfield reagents and functional polymer technologies.

2023 pass unnoticeably, but became very productive and eventful for us. We are grateful for the challenges we faced, for the inspiration for ventures, for new friends and partners, for the unforgettable moments of happiness from the successful results of testing new developments and pride in the positive reports on the pilot project.

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