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Our history began in 2013, when a team of chemists founded IFOTOP company with the goal of implementing innovative solutions in the field of functional chemistry. In the same year, we were granted the status of Skolkovo resident.

Thanks to the comprehensive support of the Skolkovo Foundation, we have grown into one of the few manufacturers of domestic chemical reagents for oil and gas processing, oilfields, industrial water treatment and purification. For ten years, we have been developing and bringing to market new innovative reagents, increasing production capacity, preparing effective reagent processing programs and automated dosing systems. The result of the work is 30 types of reagents, 22 active patents, more than 20 successful implementations, conclusion of contracts with the largest oil refineries in Russia for the supply of hundreds of tons of petrochemicals, as well as the products launch on the international market.

After 10 years of fruitful cooperation, our Skolkovo residence is brought to a conclusion. It is time for the next stage in the IFOTOP development, with new goals and prospects. We express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to the Foundation for the trust, assistance and support! Thanks to Energy Efficiency Cluster, curators and employees, who make an incredible contribution to innovative projects and new technology development.

SK Skolcovo, Сколково

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