Нейтрализатор МОПА 3-метоксипропиламин | IFO Neutralizer MOPA - 3-Methoxypropylamine



3-Methoxypropylamine (MOPA) is a clear, colorless liquid with a pronounced smell of ammonia. It has typical properties of primary amines and is excellently mixed with water, ethanol, toluene, acetone and other standard solvents. One of MOPA main advantages is its toxicity indicator, that is not lower than the 3rd hazard class. Also, the amine is resistant to the salt deposits formation and the lower temperature limit is -60 °C. The application workability is a priority advantage of the compounding, taking into consideration the harsh climatic conditions in some regions of the Russian Federation.

IFOTOP Company localized MOPA production by developing an affordable technology for the production of amine entirely on domestic raw materials.


MOPA is widely used in various industries:

  • in the anionic coatings and wax compositions production;
  • as a raw material for dye solvents and textile chemicals;
  • as an adhesion promoter for coating surfaces made of aluminum and aluminum alloys;
  • in the polyamide resins production;
  • for fungus treatment of latex and alcohols;
  • as a corrosion inhibiting agent in water treatment systems;
  • to prevent corrosion formation in compositions for oil well drilling;
  • as a neutralizing amine in the oil and gas processing.


Our specialists explore and test all the properties of 3-methoxypropylamine for its optimization in the field of water treatment and disposal, oil and gas processing, as well as in the reagent treatment of oilfield processes. Currently, there is IFO Neutralizer following reagents in our product portfolio, in the production of which amine MOPA is used:

NEUTRALIZING AMINE IFO 3-METHOXYPROPYLAMINE – 99.5% quality 3-methoxypropylamine (no solvents) that protects helmet bands from corrosion. It is effective and cross-functional oil/water-soluble product.

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