Реагенты для промышленных систем обратного осмоса | Reagents for industrial reverse osmosis systems


In May 2023, industrial tests of IFO Cleaning complex of reagents and original treatment program were carried out at the reverse osmosis units of RNPK JSC. The system cleaning package proved to be highly efficacious and cost-effective in a pilot trial, doubling the time between flushes. IFO reagent treatment of membrane filters and equipment contributes to increased plant’s productivity and uninterrupted operation.

There are two main types of RO contamination:

  • Biofouling, which is the microbiological growth on membranes and system elements that come into contact with water.
  • Scale formation, the deposits of both calcium salts and salts that are harder to process (barium, strontium, etc.)

Our company has rich experience in working on reagents for stabilizing water treatment, has studied in detail the contamination specifics and methods of controlling them. We have made innovative changes to classic treatment schemes and developed new chemicals that effectively clean systems and are safe for membranes from various manufacturers.



  • CLEANING COMPLEX OF REAGENTS, which includes an alkaline reagent, an acidic reagent and an innovative biocide of the quinoline class.
  • ANTISKALANT, modified with derivatives of the basic amine NMPA, against the various types of salts formation.
  • BIOCIDE based on DBNPA, for water with a high tendency to bacterial contamination.

For more information about reagents for reverse osmosis systems, please follow the link or call +7 (495) 662 88 58. Our specialists will consult and select the most suitable reagent treatment schemes.



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