The problem of salt deposits formation is acute in the oil industry. IFOTOP company has been working for a long time on the creation of a unique scale inhibitor, which not only fulfills its main function, but also has high manufacturability and low corrosiveness. IFO POLYSCALE-405 is a modern solution to the issue of scaling for the oil and gas production, transportation and storage. Phosphonates and synthetic polymers are used as the active base of the reagent, while derivatives of the basic amine NMPA reduce corrosiveness and provide high inhibitor efficiency at low temperatures.


The development of scale inhibitor IFO POLYSCALE-405 for the oilfield consisted of three stages:


– Initial selection of phosphonates and synthetic polymers using NACE TM0197 (laboratory screening test to determine the ability of a reagent to prevent precipitation of barium sulfate and/or strontium sulfate from solution) and NACE TM0374 (laboratory screening test to determine the ability of a reagent to prevent precipitation of calcium sulfate and/or calcium carbonate from solution)

– Determination of the scale inhibitor protective effect to select the commercial form of the lowest corrosiveness with a high content of active base. Reagents should provide a high protective effect at moderate dosages and a corrosion rate of no more than 0.089 mm/year.

– Development of a ready-made low-temperature commercial form, stable in the temperature range from -50 °C to +40 °C with a high content of the active base, providing high efficiency with moderate dosages. Reagents should meet the requirements of NACE methods and their analogues in terms of the effectiveness of inhibition under various conditions.


You can learn more about the IFO POLYSCALE-405 reagent at the link.


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