Год сотрудничества с ПАО АНК «БАШНЕФТЬ». A year of cooperation with PJSOC BASHNEFT


It has been a year of fruitful partnership between IFOTOP and PJSC Bashneft, one of the oldest enterprises in Russia’s oil and gas industry. The Bashneft oil refining complex comprises three production sites — Bashneft-UNPZ, Bashneft-Novoil, and Bashneft-Ufaneftekhim – with a combined capacity of 23.5 million tons per year. Throughout our partnership, our company has been able to fully meet the reagent processing needs of these three plants for primary oil refining processes.

Our partnership with Bashneft has opened up new long-term prospects for us in developing innovative solutions, including unique IFO technologies for industrial and wastewater treatment. It has also bolstered both companies’ positions in the market. What began as a pilot trial in 2019 has evolved into a dynamic partnership characterized by mutual trust, positive performance results, and new growth opportunities.

We extend our gratitude to our colleagues for their cooperation and anticipate even greater success and productivity in the future.



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