Внедрение ингибиторов коксообразования и полимеризации IFO | Introduction of IFO coke and polymerization inhibitors


From October 2023 to March 2024, the new IFO coke and polymerization inhibitors were successfully introduced into the hydrotreating and viscosity breaking units of the largest oil refining enterprises. A team of highly qualified technologists from the IFOTOP company, with the participation of experts from production sites, conducted the implementations according to a specially developed program. Our employees provided engineering and technological support, ensuring the timely implementation of the program; all planned indicators were successfully achieved.

The primary advantage of the new solutions is its capability to substitute imported reagents by internally synthesizing high-tech functional molecules of polyisobutylene succinimides (PIBSI), which have been fortified with the antioxidant and adsorption properties of the innovative amine N-methyl-p-anisidine. PIBSI and amines play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and productivity of various hydrocarbon processes, they can stabilize the energy efficiency of plant operations and increase the interval between repairs.



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