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IFOTOP company introduces active chemical bases to the market for the production of commercial forms of reagents.

Our specialists have invested considerable effort in developing high-quality and technologically advanced chemical bases. These bases enable the preparation of reagents at the required concentration directly at the customer’s premises. We have extensively employed this technology in our work, allowing us to confidently affirm its benefits. The utilization of these bases reduces reagent processing costs, optimizes logistics processes, and lowers transportation and inventory storage expenses. Selecting the most effective concentration of the reagent in the formulation is significantly simplified, with the added flexibility to adjust it according to the customer’s requirements.

We offer active bases for water-soluble and oil-soluble corrosion inhibitors, as well as for coke and paraffin inhibitors. Additionally, we provide complexes for biocidal washing of reverse osmosis systems. IFO chemical bases are entirely domestically produced and do not contain any imported components. This enables us to be well-prepared for market changes and to consistently deliver high-quality chemistry to our partners, regardless of economic or foreign policy circumstances.

A list of available active bases can be found here. You can place an order through the website form, by calling, or via email. Our specialists are available to provide guidance, assist with calculating order volumes, and help in selection of recipes and concentrations.



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