Новая лаборатория IFO | New IFO laboratory


We are pleased to announce the opening of another IFO research laboratory in Moscow, on the territory of the interindustry scientific and technical center VNIINEFT JSC (A.P. Krylov All-Russian Oil and Gas Research Institute). Chemical engineers of the new laboratory will specialize in the study and development of domestic oilfield reagents and polymer technologies of depressant additives (PPD, MDFI, WASA, WAFI).
Field exploration, production, intrafield transportation, processing, storage of oil&gas, and fuels production are a huge layer of processes that play a vital role in the oil industry development. For this reason, we place emphasis on finding innovative solutions for reagent support at different oilfield and processing stages.
Development of IFO research and production complex increase the number of projects, improve their efficiency and speed up industrial production. At this stage, we are equipping lab, purchasing materials for new test stands and new laboratory outfit for conducting experimental researches and high-precision tests. In the near future, new vacancies will open to expand the scientific staff of IFOTOP company.



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