Uncontrolled foaming leads to operation destabilization of technological units, mass transfer disruption processes and the occurrence of emergency situations. As a result, productivity is significantly reduced and operating costs are increased. The most suitable solution to these problems is defoamers.

The defoamers developed by IFOTOP have excellent antifoaming properties, prevent foam reccurrence and are fully compatible with other IFO process chemicals. Our experts will help with the selection of antifoaming agent, as well as optimize the dosage of the product, thereby increasing productivity and reducing reagent consumption.

IFOTOP chemical engineers developed two ready-made reagents to contain unwanted foaming and quickly neutralize the foam appearing on the surface.



Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) type antifoam additive, special designed to provide low Si content in distillates and coke



Polyol type antifoam additive, special designed for Acid Gas Removal Unit, effective at low dosages without negative influence on active carbon filter

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The organic and organosilicon base allows to choose the most effective solution.

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Establish mass transfer processes and preserve the operating fluid.

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Provide high efficiency with minimal dosages.

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Defoamers have a high density and increase the formed film layer elasticity, reducing the re-foam formation probability.

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Increase productivity and cost-effectiveness while minimizing equipment failure and repair costs.

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The quality and oil refining purity improvement without negatively affecting the finished product characteristics.

IFO silicone and alcohol based defoamers are stable over a wide temperature range and are suitable for general industrial application:

– in the processes of gas-oil separation;

– when drying and cleaning gases;

– in oil refining, including the distillation of crude oil, thermal processes, deasphalting, extraction of aromatic substances, extraction of asphalt;

– as well as in other processes subject to foaming problems.


*shipping – 5 working days after payment confirmation
*Shipment in barrels and cubes

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