Нужны ли присадки в бензин

The necessity of gasoline additives

Whether to add gasoline additives or not? Car owners have different opinions. Some of them believe that the use of special solutions does not make any sense. Negative react of others is based on personal experience. Special additives do not always produce the desired effect, and in some cases even damage the car engine. To understand whether additives are necessary or not, we need to figure out what they are made for.
Drivers, who are against fuel additives, reason that in the process of gasoline production octane-increasing solutions have been already added. That is true, but the quality of solutions is deficient. Only eminent companies produce good fuel without harmful components in the composition. But the price on branded gas stations is significantly higher. In other cases, manufacturers pour into the fuel prohibited substances, that reduce engine power, increase the consumption of gasoline and oil, contribute to the appearance of rust and soot in the tank. These problems can be avoided with the help of special additives. They prevent the formation of corrosion and deposits, increase the level of fuel combustion, which leads to a reduction of toxicity in exhaust emissions.

Which additive to chose?

There is no problem to buy an appropriate fuel addition. Manufacturers offer a variety of products that can be classified according to the principle of action:
  • Octane boosters;
  • Cleaners, that protect from unwanted deposits;
  • Water removers;
  • Antidetonators;
  • Lubricity improvers.
Also, there are cross-functional additives, that perform different tasks simultaneously. That is much more convenient because there is no need to choose from a variety of single-task products. However, all popular products have one negative attribute — the toxic composition, which includes prohibited components (iron, lead, manganese). Therefore, manufacturers do not disclose the composition of their products, even the most popular brands have composition neither on the package nor on the Internet.

IFO Modifier

One of the few high-quality additives with disclosed composition is IFO Modifier, created and patented by IFOTOP company. Leading Russian research centres confirmed its effectiveness and safety. The product complies with international quality standards and so far have no analogues in the international market. Increasing the octane number, the modifier also performs the following functions:
  • Increase the power of the motor;
  • Prevention of the formation of soot on filters, injectors, and other elements;
  • Fuel consumption reduction;
  • Anti-corrosion protection;
  • Remove of water from the fuel system;
  • Minimization of the probability of engine knocking;
  • The contribution of complete combustion of fuel and toxic exhaust emissions reduction.
Consequently, IFO Modifier improves vehicle performance without harming the environment. Its versatility is not only about improving indicators of gasoline, but also about the possibility to be combined with any kind of gasoline and other additives.

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