Присадки для повышения октанового числа ИФОТОП

The release of the Gasoline Modifier IFO experimental batch

IFOTOP LLC has developed a unique multi-functional product – Gasoline Modifier IFO. Unlike other additives, the active substances of which are manganese, lead, lithium and other prohibited for use in gasoline, the composition of the Modifier IFO includes N-methyl-p-anisidine and well-studied and widely used components of automotive fuel.

N-methyl-p-anisidine is a high-octane ester that was developed specifically for use in premium types of gasoline and racing fuels to increase the octane number and ensure high product quality. It does not have a negative effect on exhaust gases and is suitable for vehicles of Euro-6 class (according to results of NEDC test cycle of gasoline with N-methyl-p-anisidine, that was made by SGS, Germany). Motor fuel with N-methyl-p-anisidine complies with European standard EN 228-2014.


Gasoline Modifier IFO:

Модификатор бензина IFO, Топливные присадки, Gasoline Modifier IFO

– increases the octane number;

– reduces fuel consumption, while increasing the engine power;

– reduces the formation of deposits in the engine and reduces the level of toxicity of exhaust gases;

– removes water and protects the fuel system from corrosion.

The IFO Gasoline Modifier is supplied in 500 ml metal bottles with a watering can for comfortable and safe filling into the vehicle tank. The cost of the Gasoline Modifier IFO several times lower compared with less effective foreign additives.



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