Diesel Fuel Antigel additive, Антигель для дизеля

IFOTOP has released innovative Diesel Fuel ANTIGEL

Car enthusiasts who have already “met” the multifunctional additive for gasoline IFO, also can sample the Diesel Fuel ANTIGEL, developed and patented by IFOTOP company. It ensures uninterrupted operation of the diesel engine at low temperatures, which is especially important in a changing Russian climate.

There are several advantages to the use of this additive. The production is based on the N-methyl-p-anisidine, as in the case with the gasoline modifier. Its presence in the composition prevents the occurrence of corrosive deposits on spark plugs, valves, injectors and other metal parts of the fuel system. Moreover, the usage of it shows a significant increase in engine power.

Diesel fuel ANTIGEL 

Антигель для дизеля IFO, antigel for diesel fuel

IFO ANTIGEL additive prevents the growth of paraffin crystals, and, as a result, completely destroys the connection between them. Due to this property, the fluidity of the fuel improves, it remains liquid even at extremely low temperature, regardless of whether the car is parked or on the way.

The ingredients of ANTIGEL IFO are environment-friendly. According to the leading research institutes of Russia and Europe test results, the components of the products are included in the list of substances allowed for use in fuel.



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