Автоматизация дозирования реагентов для систем оборотного водоснабжения IFO от ИФОТОП


IFOTOP specialists have developed IFO AQUA-MONITOR system to automate the IFO reagents supply. Our block type system is easily customized to the requirements and includes all the necessary elements for reagents safe and economical dosing in automatic mode. Thanks to a wide range of electrodes it also provides continuous analytical control of Water Stabilization Treatment.

– constant and periodic dosing pumps with automatic supply of reagents according to a given schedule
– electrodes and controllers for pH, ORP, turbidity and conductivity
– fluorometer, that control inhibitors concentration (on demand),
– necessary for flow rate and corrosion monitoring sensors
– corrosion witness samples
– sampler
– all necessary fittings (filters, injection valves, reducers, control valves, ball valves, etc.)

IFO AQUA-MONITOR is developed for continuous dosing of reagents for Water Stabilization treatment in an accurate and fully automated way. All reagents produced by our company, specifically corrosion and scale inhibitors, bio-dispersant and sludge dispersant, oxidizing biocide IFO-BROMOX and based on our own patented and classical molecules non-oxidizing biocides, can be dosed directly from commercial packaging (cans, barrels, eurocubes) or pumped into customer’s consumable capacity.

IFOTOP provides round-the-clock specialists support, and also develops individual solutions that will meet the needs and wishes of customer.
P.S. You can find a detailed diagram of theIFO AQUA-MONITOR automation system on our website.



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