Развитие логистической сети ИФОТОП


The reagents production volumes and the deliveries frequency are growing dynamically, and the reagents range is expanding, that indicates the need to develop the IFO logistics network.

A new IFO warehouse for stock products was launched. It is fully complies with the rules for the industrial chemicals storage. The new logistics facility meets the growing demand for IFO reagents and is compatible with all production and logistics requirements in the stock products volumes formation.


IFOTOP company produces reagents for:

Иконка канистра Water processing and wastewater disposal: biocides, corrosion and scale inhibitors;

Иконка канистра Oil and gas processing: corrosion inhibitor, demulsifier​, neutralizer, coke inhibitors and dispersants, defoamers, oxygen scavenger;

Иконка канистра Oil and gas production, transportation and storage: hydrogen sulfide scavengers, oil-field chemistry.



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