water stabilization


IFO biocides effectively suppress biological activity in Water Circulation System. In a composition with bio-dispersants they penetrate biofilms that protect microorganisms from the biocides effect, insuring comprehensive system protection.

Microbiological treatment systems developed by IFOTOP provide the the oil and gas industry target requirements:

TMP < than 1 х 104 CFU / ml

Test Plates 3M Petrifilm AC

SRB < than 1 x 102 CFU / ml

Test-kits HACH 24324-09 - SRB BART

Standard processing patterns do not always guarantee the intended effect in industrial plants. Our company provides services for the individual selection of water stabilization biocidal complexes. Biocidal complexes include a full range of chemicals from in-house developments to industry-proven solutions.Tailor made water treatment complex combines biocedes, corrosion and scale inhibitors and warrant the effectiveness, reliability and quality of water stabilization.

Non-oxidizing biocides-bio-dispersants


Proprietary innovative water-soluble and water-dispersible amines with pronounced long-term biocidal action - IFO-WT.


Proven substances and their mixed compositions:

Alkyldimethylbenzylammonium (benzalkonii) chloridum


Bis(tetrakis(hydroxymethyl)phosphonium)sulfate (THPS)



Poly(hexamethylendiamine guanidinium chloride)


(only recommended if non-oxidizing biocides are ineffective)

Due to side effects and corrosiveness the use of oxidizing biocides is allowed only in minimal quantities, in case if it is not possible to achieve target values with non-oxidizing biocides.
Biocides based on Br and Cl halogens are used as oxidizing biocides, the effectiveness of which depends on pH.
Cl-containing oxidizing biocides have a high degree of dissociation at a pH above 7.5 (with the formation of OCl-).  The effectiveness of chlorine is significantly reduced because of the charge of the OCl- ion, that does not allow it to penetrate into the cell walls. Accordingly, large dosages of the chlorine-containing reagent are required, that cause negative side effects and corrosion.

Our company offers the bromine-containing oxidizing biocide IFO-BROMOX based on stabilized hypobromic acid .

The degree of dissociation of hypobromous acid in water circulation systems at pH above 7.5 is negligible. The reagent provides maximum efficiency at minimum dosages, reducing the halogens usage side effects. The control of the oxidizing biocide in the water circulation systems is carried out by our service specialists with HACH colorimeters – Colorimeter DR900


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