Oxygen corrosion of metals is a serious problem in the operation and maintenance of industrial boilers and steam generating plants. In order for systems to be in good condition and operate at optimum efficiency, the correct water parameters must be maintained permanent. 

Residual oxygen in the feed water is an aggressive corrosive factor and must be removed to ensure the reliability and long life of boiler equipment. IFO oxygen scavengers include various types of reagents that are selected individually for each system, which allows to  solve the problem of feed water deaeration most effectively.

Product Toxicity Absorption Impact on salt content Volatility Recommendations for use
IFO DEGAMIN and IFO Diethylhydroxylamine low average Does not increase the boiler water salinity. Fugitive. Provides protection for the vapour-condensation path. Forms a passivating film. Medium and high pressure steam boilers, closed heating systems.
IFO Carbohydrazide medium
IFO Bisulfite low high Increases the boiler water salinity. Non-volatile. Does not provide protection for the vapour-condensation path. Does not form a passivating film. Low and medium pressure steam boilers, closed heating systems.



Controls the formation of oxygen corrosion in boiler feed water

Effektivnost G

Extends equipment life and reliability

pH корректоры для регуляции уровня pH

Reduces maintenance costs

Boiler water

Minimizes the content of iron and copper in feed water and condensate, reducing the entry of corrosion products into the boiler


Does not contaminate products in contact with steam

Biocide, биоцид

Individual selection of the reagent and its correct dosages

IFOTOP’s product portfolio includes solutions for efficient water treatment and sanitation. We produce reagents for circulating water supply systems, reverse osmosis units and for the preparation of boiler feed water. Also, our team has created a reagent supply system, thanks to which water treatment is fully automated and optimized.

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