Our company understands how important to meet the growing needs of customers.  We are constantly working to increase production and replenish the line of reagents with the necessary chemicals for water treatment and disposal.  Our reagents help protect water systems and provide high operational efficiency.

 IFOTOP specialists have developed new dispersants for faster and more effective suppression of the growth and development of microorganisms in circulating water supply systems.  IFO dispersants consist of a mixture of non-ionic and cationic (with a biocidal effect) surfactants that ensure the removal of oil products from the surface of the equipment, the penetration of the main biocide into the biofilm and preventing the deposition of mechanical impurities and biosludge.

Biocidal effect + -
Composition QAC Mixture of primary ethoxylated synthetic higher fatty alcohols
Recommendations for use To clean systems from accumulated biodeposits To prepare the system for oxidizing biocide dosing and ensuring its effective contact with the biofilm


Effective cleaning of microbiological sludge from circulating water supply systems

Powerful and concentrated products to remove and disperse unwanted deposits

Maintaining the required level of heat transfer and optimal equipment efficiency

Prevention of corrosion and scale formation

Safe to use and fully compatible with other IFO water and wastewater products

Included in the IFO AQUA-MONITORING automated reagent supply and dosing system, which is developed individually for each enterprise


*shipping – 5 working days after payment confirmation
*Shipment in barrels and cubes

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