The International conference “CORROSION IN THE OIL&GAS INDUSTRY”

The International Conference “CORROSION IN THE OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY” will take place on 22-24 May 2019 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Key experts from different countries will share their experience and ideas on how to increase equipment reliability and protect materials from the aggressive impact of operating conditions in the oil and gas industry. Leading […]

IFOTOP has released innovative product for diesel fuel

Car enthusiasts who have already “met” the multifunctional additive for gasoline IFO, also can sample the Diesel Fuel ANTIGEL, developed and patented by IFOTOP company. It ensures uninterrupted operation of the diesel engine at low temperatures, which is especially important in a changing Russian climate. There are several advantages to the use of this additive. The production […]

The necessity of gasoline additives

Whether to add additives to gasoline or not? Car owners have different opinions. Some of them believe that the use of special solutions does not make any sense. Negative react of others is based on personal experience. Special additives do not always produce the desired effect, and in some cases even damage the car engine. […]

The release of the Gasoline Modifier IFO experimental batch

IFOTOP LLC has developed a unique multi-functional product – Gasoline Modifier IFO. Unlike other additives, the active substances of which are manganese, lead, lithium and other prohibited for use in gasoline, the composition of the Modifier IFO includes N-methyl-p-anisidine and well-studied and widely used components of automotive fuel. N-methyl-p-anisidine is a high-octane ester that was developed […]

The modern laboratory IFOTOP is ready for operation

IFOTOP company, that implements activities within the framework of the Skolkovo Foundation grant, in April 2016 launched a scientific laboratory. It is designed to carry out researches in the field of the synthesis of organic compounds. The equipment allows to perform related to the synthesis of new compounds work, the study of its properties and the […]

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