The refining industry continues to play a central role in the global economy. That is why we focus on its development and strengthening.

Refineries are large and complex facilities with many processes. The refinery equipment operates with different quality and composition of oil, as well as at very high pressure and temperature levels. This factors combination makes it highly vulnerable to corrosion, which can lead to processing train structural integrity loss.

20% of the 137 accidents at European refineries since 1984, according to the eMARS, indicates the corrosion as the reason. The corrosion can cause dangerously explosive substances and components emission, reduce the performance and reliability of equipment, can lead to refinery outage and loss of lives. This problem threatens the safety, can hurt operational and economic rates.

The IFOTOP team has thoroughly scrutinised this problem and developed the IFO Reagent Package as a prevention of it. Corrosion inhibitor, neutralizer and demulsifier work in synergy to provide a high degree of chemical and technological equipment protection, which also protects refineries from large financial losses.



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