ИФОТОП Забота о качестве реагентов


Our company is convinced of the special importance of produced reagents quality control, safety and effectiveness.

We study and test our products in detail on proven laboratory equipment, using the latest rapid tests, as well as pilot testing.


In the arsenal IFOTOP specialists have:

  • Designed to NACE SP 0189-2013 and ASTM D4778 test benches
  • Fast and accurate disposable microbiological analysis systems 3M Petrifilm and Merck
  • HACH SRB BART test kits to determine the presence and activity of various bacteria (including sulfate-reducing bacteria SRB)
  • SystemSure Plus or Lumitester Smart luminometers for on-line hygienic monitoring of water
  • Colorimeters HACH – Colorimeter DR900 for the control of reagents in the water circulation system
  • ELOU stand (electric desalination plant), developed jointly with leading design institutes
  • Instruments for determination of salts and residual water content in petroleum products – extractor and modern Fischer titrator
  • As well as other modern methods for testing the safety and effectiveness of reagents.

Thanks to a wide range of laboratory equipment, we make sure to supply only high-quality, safe and effective domestically produced chemicals for water treatment and disposal, production, processing, storage and transportation of oil and gas.



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