ИФОТОП, реагенты для НПЗ, пакет реагентов

VNII NP statement on the possibility of using the corrosion inhibitor IFO 702M

Developed by IFOTOP LLC reagent package for corrosion protection has already earned the oil refining industry companies confidence. The work on setting production of TS-1 kerosene with the IFO reagents addition has started.

The IFOTOP company obtained the approval of the jet engine fuel VNII NP (ALL-RUSSIAN RESEARCH INSTITUTE FOR OIL REFINING) laboratory. Also our company got the conclusion on the possibilities of using the “IFO 702M”, that indicates its safety. The tests were carried out under rough conditions of a five-fold excess of the inhibitor working concentration. This ensures the safety of the inhibitor even at shock dosages or flow gain of reagents in case of increased oil aggressiveness.

IFO reagents, Реагенты IFO



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