Chemistry for a sustainable future

IFOTOP contributes to the sustainable development of the Oil&Gas industry. We strive to build a secure future for our society. For this reason, the IFOTOP team offers innovative products that promote the efficient, smart and safe consumption of our planet’s invaluable resources.

IFO's sustainability business model is based on the five principles:



We are responsible for our products and raw materials that we use in production. Verified suppliers, safe transportation, sustainable production and proper industrial waste utilization are key for our business.



We are constantly working on safety and performance improvement. IFOTOP laboratory purchases modern automated equipment that allows reagents technical characteristics monitoring digitalization. We reduce the consumption of reagents by achieving their high quality, efficiency and usage processability.

Customer Service


We actively interact with our partners to ensure the safety and effective usage of our products. IFOTOP company provides free support service at all stages of the products application. The technical department of IFOTOP works 24/7: it provides counselling, urgent visits to manufacturing facilities, laboratory measurements and researches.



We create a favorable atmosphere for the safety and comfortable work of our employees, their development and professional growth. Specialists take advanced training courses, write scientific papers and participate in conferences. We appreciate and encourage the contribution of each employee to the sustainable development of IFOTOP.



We do not live for the day. Our company plan for the future of our society and planet. Caring for the environment is an essential part of the IFOTOP work. That is why we are working on the quality of our reagents, studying their toxicity and impact on environmental performance. We are aspire after operational efficiency improvement, carbon emissions reduction and smart water resources management.

What we are proud of:

High efficiency

IFOTOP production is cross-functional, that allows to ensure its maximum efficient usage with the release of a wide range of products.

The innovative formula of NMPA

The innovative formula of NMPA ensures the production of environmentally friendly fuel and CO2 emissions reduction.

water stabilization

The effectiveness of IFO water stabilization reagents minimize the formation of biofilms that increases the energy performance of water circulation systems.

corrosion control

Reagents for chemical and technological protection improve the technical and economic corrosion control indicators in the refineries.

global standards

Our company adheres to global environmental standards and requirements.


We ensure the occupational safety with chemicals for our employees, contractors and partners.

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