IFOTOP process chemicals reagent package for refining equipment has successfully passed VNII NP laboratory tests and received certificates on the use safety. Also, a series of pilot tests has been completed at more than 10 refineries in the Russian Federation.  Our next step is a reagents trial run at one of the largest primary oil refining […]


The refining industry continues to play a central role in the global economy. That is why we focus on its development and strengthening. Refineries are large and complex facilities with many processes. The refinery equipment operates with different quality and composition of oil, as well as at very high pressure and temperature levels. This factors […]

VNII NP conclusions for IFOTOP reagents package

IFOTOP company is actively working on the protecting oil refinery equipment from corrosion. At the beginning of 2020 our company received VNII NP conclusions on a full corrosion protection package of reagents. The reagents package includes a demulsifier, a corrosion inhibitor and a neutralizer. Reagents successfully passed tests in dosages of 0.01%, that exceeds the […]

VNII NP statement o the possibility of using the corrosion inhibitor IFO 702M

Developed by IFOTOP LLC reagent package for corrosion protection has already earned the oil refining industry companies confidence. The work on setting production of TS-1 kerosene with the IFO reagents addition has started. The IFOTOP company obtained the approval of the jet engine fuel VNII NP (ALL-RUSSIAN RESEARCH INSTITUTE FOR OIL REFINING) laboratory, a conclusion […]

IFOTOP presented an innovative corrosion inhibitor at the International Conference “Corrosion in the Oil & Gas Industry” in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg hosted the first conference on “Corrosion in the oil and gas industry” in Russia on 22-24 May. It brought together an international community of corrosion scientists and experts, representatives of oil and gas refineries and oilfield service companies, research institutions and equipment manufacturers from Russia, China, the USA, the EU, India, Israel and […]

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