Diesel fuel ANTIGEL IFO


Антигель для дизеля IFO

Antigel IFO is a unique complex protection of diesel fuel from low temperatures and ensuring its efficiency even after a long parking. The additive is developed by IFOTOP specialists on the basis of the innovative N-methyl-p-anisidine molecule.

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Comprehensive support for diesel fuel at low temperatures.

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Disperser ensures the stability of the fuel to delamination when parking and driving.

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N-methyl-para-anisidine protects against corrosion, improves fuel lubricity and extends fuel system life cycle.

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The functional components of the antigel have been tested in Europe and are included in the list of approved for use in fuels substances.

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The depressor prevents the growth of paraffin crystals in diesel fuel and ensures its passage through the fuel filter at low temperatures.

Product composition

Polymeric system

N-methyl-p-anisidine (NMPA)

Hydrocarbons cut (С8 - С10)

Product ingredients are environmentally friendly. According to the results of the  tests of leading research institutes of Russia and Europe the components of IFO Antigel are included in the list of approved for use in fuels substances.

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