Gasoline modifier IFO


Модификатор бензина IFO

IFO is the universal gasoline modifier developed by IFOTOP specialists. The active ingredient of the composition is molecule of N-methyl-p-anisidine, that was synthesized in our laboratory.


Gasoline modifier IFO is a multifunctional additive, it has a positive effect on several characteristics of gasoline at once. Thanks to the N-methyl-p-anisidine in the composition, it provides:

  • Complete combustion of gasoline.
  • Raise of the octane number.
  • Removal of fluid from the fuel system.
  • Improving the lubricating properties of gasoline.
Advantages of IFO | Преимущества Модификатора IFO


  • Patented development with proven quality
  • Multifunctionality
  • Increase octane number
  • Protection of metal parts from corrosion
  • Increase of lubricating properties
  • Ensuring the completeness of combustion of gasoline and reducing fuel consumption
  • Reducing the load on the catalyst
  • Removal of water from the fuel system
  • Care for the environment - reduces harmful substances in the exhaust gases
  • No encrypted components, the exact composition is on the product
  • Absence of metals (iron, manganese, lead, etc.)
  • The absence of banned in gasoline compounds - monomethylaniline (MMA)
  • Good solubility in gasoline
  • Absence of the saturation effect - the octane number increases in proportion to the amount of the additive
  • Compatibility with all types of additives and fuels
  • The additive was internationally certified in gasoline of Euro 5 and Euro 6

The molecule contains an ester and an amino group, combining all positive properties of substances classes compounds.

IFO Modificator molecule

Ethers - low-toxic substances, which due to the oxygen content contribute to the processes of complete combustion of fuel; while they are ineffective for increasing the octane number.

IFO Modificator molecule

Amine - high-performance substances to increase the octane number, but they are very toxic.

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