Refineries are often prone to foam problems, which significantly affect the mass transfer processes and subsequently reduce the efficiency and productivity of the entire system. At IFOTOP we have deeply studied the foam problem our partners often face and have developed two antifoam agents that effectively eliminate and prevent it. Silicone defoamer IFO FOMDESTROYER 750 […]


The employees of our company are highly qualified specialists who are actively involved in scientific research activities. The paper of Dmitry Kurgan, a young engineer-technologist of IFOTOP, was published in the reports thesis of the Conference Cluster, that took place in Ivanovo, on 20-24 September 2021. In co-authorship with his colleagues, Dmitry became a participant […]

IFOTOP company commissioned new production facilities

We have continuously worked on the production of a new IFO package of process chemicals. It includes a corrosion inhibitor, a neutralizer and a demulsifier. Laboratory studies and pilot tests results certify the safety and effectiveness of the reagents. Successful experience in applying and supplies to the largest Russian refineries show growing demand for high-quality […]

IFOTOP Laboratory renewal

Our company always moves beyond. Every day we accomlish our technologies, develop research methods and constantly modernize laboratory equipment. We strive to support the import substitution strategy, therefore, we choose only domestic manufacturers equipment. From now our laboratory is equipped with the latest extractor and Fisher titrator produced by ECROS (St. Petersburg), which fully comply […]

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